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Gustaf September 19, 2002 04:14

Where's my rotation?

I am attempting to simulate a buoyancy and rotation driven flow in a container using CFX 5.5. I believe that I am getting the 'correct' results in the stationary case (nice roll cells), but I see no influence of Coriolis terms when I turn up the rotation (1, 10 or 50 rad/s).

Any ideas what's wrong or what I have forgotten to do?


Gustaf Mårtensson

Robin September 19, 2002 22:02

Re: Where's my rotation?
Hi Gustaf,

How do you have your walls set-up?


Gustaf Mårtensson September 20, 2002 17:15

Re: Where's my rotation?
Hey Robin,

My walls are pretty simple no-slip boundaries with a constant temperature.

I received a letter from CFX-support suggesting that it might be some simple bug. We'll see...



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