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Bruno Sersante September 24, 2002 14:40

Meshing error on CFX 5.5.1

Im working on CFX 5.5.1 with two tunnels of 1.8Km each . After set the initial conditions, Im trying to create a surface mesh but the pre-procesor stops with the following error:

" Dr Watson: An application error has ocurred and an application error log is being generated.


exception: access violation(0xc0000005), adress:0x7800d376 "

CPU description: - Windows NT.

- Pentium 4, 1.5GHz.

- 512 RAM.

Any help will be highly appreciated. Regards

Astrid September 24, 2002 15:56

Re: Meshing error on CFX 5.5.1
Looks like there is a conflict with other applications. Close all other applications, including the small programs running in the background, and restart CFX.

To avoid this kind of errors, we have only installed CFX on our computers. In the past for example, we observed that Paint Shop Pro can have a conflict with CFX 4.


Bruno Sersante September 24, 2002 16:42

THX Astrid
Thx Astrid,

The problem appears in each computer that I use (3 differents computers)and i dont know what to do.

If you have others suggestions, I'll apreciate it

Astrid September 24, 2002 18:42

Re: THX Astrid
- What might help: Create a new directory, change the name of your .db-file and restart CFX-build.

- If not: dial 911 (your local CFX-Helpdesk).


Dave September 25, 2002 09:35

Re: THX Astrid
Bruno, I've experienced similar problems. Does the problem persist if you close build and then open it again ? Do you have any subdomanins defined ? Have you had a mesh out of the same podel previously ? Sorry for all the questions, Dave

hannah liang October 3, 2002 17:53

Re: THX Astrid
I met the same problem when I write the def. file. especially when I define the subdomain. I am not sure if this is caused by software or other reasons.


Astrid October 4, 2002 02:09

Re: THX Astrid
Is it sensitive to the surface mesher used?


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