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Olivier Macchion September 25, 2002 03:14

can't open database
Hej all,

At the beginning I performed my computations on an Alpha machine running under Linux redhat. But now the lab has bought a PC running under Debian Woody. When running on the Alpha I had no problems in opening old databases. But now that I run on the PC with woody as OS, I can sometimes open a database, at other times I can not. In some ways I must do something that corrupt the database. I explain what I do usually with the databases.

I first create the geometry and meshes it with a coarse mesh. I write the definition file. Then, after the first run, I open again the database, make my changes on the mesh, write the new definition file with the same name, and performs the run. And now, after the run, I can no longer open the database. When I open it, it says the following :

$# The available hardware graphics driver initialized for use has been set to the OpenGL graphics driver. $# Current graphics driver type in use: Hardware driver $# Session file started recording at 24-Sep-02 15:50:38 $# Recorded by: CFX-Build 5. $# FLEXlm initialization complete. Acquiring license(s)... $# License File: /afs/ $# CFX-Build 5 has obtained 1 concurrent license(s) from FLEXlm per a request $# to execute on a Linux ix86 system at 24-Sep-02 15:50:38 uil_file_open.go("./sst.db") $# Database version 2.6 created by 2001 r2 successfully opened.

But the viewport is not there, and I can not do anything because the red light is always on.

The same way the small window that says "Setting up windowing environment" does not disappear.

Is there someone who has had the same problem before ?

Thank you


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