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Sudar September 26, 2002 04:00

Elliptical geometry
Dear Friends, I am currently doing some analysis of a geometry with elliptical cross-section. But I am finding it difficult to make one in CFX4.4 Build. If there is an exclusive option available, please let me know. Thanks in advance sudar

Min-Hua Wang September 26, 2002 12:19

Re: Elliptical geometry

Which preporcessor are you using?

I am using meshbuilder for CFX-4. It is possible to build an elliptical cross-section. Go to Geometry option and make curve with multiple points (I assume you know the coordinates of the point). Four curves is enough to build a face and extrude this face to become a block.


Sudar September 27, 2002 13:41

Re: Elliptical geometry
Hi I know the major and minor axis of the ellipse. For example the dimensions are 30mm and 40mm. How to build it with the help of 4 points only. or I need to find out the other also to do the same. I am using the CFX4.4 Build. Sudar

Olivier Macchion October 1, 2002 08:38

Re: Elliptical geometry

I have had the same problem in CFX 5.5.1 I asked cfx-support and they said that the fastest is to use the Patran Command Language. You have to get an example of a program and implement the equation of an ellipse. It works fine but it was a lot of work at the beginning. I can send an example if you want. You just have to crearte a databse and then play the session file into the database.


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