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Min-Hua Wang September 26, 2002 12:12

Particle tracking in CFX-4
Hello, all:

I need some advices on the particle tracking simulation with CFX-4.

Suppose that the particle hits a wall and rebounces, can I further track this rebounced particle.



Jan Rusås September 26, 2002 15:08

Re: Particle tracking in CFX-4
There is an option for the wall bouncing model, I think it default is set to stick to the wall (0 or 1) you can change to full reflection or are a fraction between 0 and 1. In this case you can track the particle after the wall collision.

Min-Hua Wang September 26, 2002 15:53

Re: Particle tracking in CFX-4

From command line?

Jan Rusås September 26, 2002 17:42

Re: Particle tracking in CFX-4
?? Do you want to track the particle from the command line? You should specify the wall reflection in your command file.

Min-Hua Wang September 26, 2002 18:07

Re: Particle tracking in CFX-4
Yes, but I imposed particle boundary condition through user subroutine (USRPBC.f).

By the way, I have tried to minitor the particle impingenement of the wall using usrpbm.f. it seemed ok. but I tried to monitor the particle through a user 2D patch, some thing is wrong. The usrpbm.f seemed not catch the particle at this time.

Any suggestion?



Holidays September 27, 2002 02:20

Re: Particle tracking in CFX-4
Then set the appropriate conditions in this routine! If the key word is set up twice in *.fc and in a fortran file, the fortran command will overwrite that in the command line, so Jan's command is appropriate. If it is only in one of the files (either one of them) then it will be implemented as you specified it where it is. You can speak to the CFX people in Northern America to tell you how to access this variable in fortran if you cannot find it in the manual and or template fortran.

John Geoffrey Mbabazi November 11, 2002 03:54

Re: Particle tracking
Could someone let me know how I can carry out the simulation of at least fly ash 10000 particles, entrained in a stream of air, and colliding with the walls of a channel. For each particle I need to obtain the values of the incidence and rebound velocities and angles at each of the impact sites. I am currently using CFX 5.5.1 to simulate the flow of air.

Jay_1984 July 2, 2010 10:47

Particle tracking

I need to simulate particle focusing in microchannel using inertial effects in curvilinear channel. I am using CFX5. So which model should i use (particle transport solid or dispersed solid). Do i need to write subroutine for that problem. I am using Polysterene material with density of 1050 and continuous fluid as water.



ghorrocks July 3, 2010 06:18

Read the documentation and do some research, that's the best way to really know what is going on.

But providing you have low particle densities your application sounds like a lagrangian particle tracking model, and that should be able to include all the inertial forces you need. No need for subroutines, it should be all there (anyway, what's the point of buying commercial software if you did have to write it yourself?)

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