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Mads Bang October 2, 2002 17:35

Error when compiling user fortran

Is there anyone out there that can help me with the following error message I get when I try to compile some user FORTRAN with my cfx4.4 solver.

I'm using Compaq Visual Fortran v6.1A

It looks like this:

Messages from CFX-4 Environment ===============================

CFX-4 | Starting CFX-4.4 ...

CFX-4 | Solver | runsolve4: Compiling user Fortran...

CFX-4 | Solver | {F:FCDchannels.cfx4_tmpdir ortusrpor.f}

CFX-4 | Solver | f90: Error: Unrecognized keyword {cfxcfx-4.4 oolsmpich.nt-} for option -iface

CFX-4 | Solver | Compilation error in ../fort/usrpor.f

CFX-4 | Solver | runsolve4: An error occurred during compilation

CFX-4 | Solver | runsolve4: Job completed

CFX-4 | Solver | An output file was not produced

CFX-4 | Solver |

CFX-4 | Solver | Finished.

CFX-4 | Solver |

Thank you wery much in advance.

Amanda October 8, 2002 11:47

Re: Error when compiling user fortran
I encounted the similar problem. I know we have to modify File cfx5mkext.ccl and use proper compiler parameters. But I do not know how to modify the file since I can not find any explaination about what the meaning of the parameter in cfx5mkext.ccl.

If anyone know how to modify the file for using Visual Fortran (compiler Fl32.exe), could you please help me.



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