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Raul October 3, 2002 10:47

Large Eddy Simulation
have Somebody used LES in CFX?

Mads Bang October 3, 2002 12:09

Re: Large Eddy Simulation
In short: yes i know one who did. You can see an abstract of her thesis here.

Holidays October 3, 2002 13:07

Re: Large Eddy Simulation
Thee are quite a few papers available from CFX offices (in pdf) including a methodology for the implementation. Just need to ask your support team for them and check the RULES file; also some papers were presented in Conferences by CFX engineers.

Jens October 3, 2002 15:06

Re: Large Eddy Simulation
Well The thesis did not use CFX as software for LES, Numeca.

I know that Chrsitian Jakobsen also from Aalborg universitet did use CFX 4.2 for LES study.

And some of the thesis at



Dave October 5, 2002 09:29

Re: Large Eddy Simulation
Holidays, can you get them off the web site ?? Dave

Holidays October 6, 2002 09:29

Re: Large Eddy Simulation
Hi Dave,

I think you may on the "CFX Community" site which you should be able to acces as a registered user. Otherwise speak to your support guy.

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