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cfd guy October 4, 2002 10:31

Internal surfaces for post-processor.
Hi everyone,
I use to make my meshes in ICEM HEXA and then import them into CFX-5-BUILD. I can define my domain and subdomains as I wish. Every boundary condition (2D faces) previously defined in ICEM are exported and I can choose which one will be an external BC (e.g. inlet, outlet, opening, etc...). However I can't do an internal boundary condition, with exception of thin walls, like a USER-2D patch in CFX-4. By now, my intentions are just for post-processing only. Once CFX-POST will bring the default objects, i.e. the subdomains, the default boundary (external wall) and the external BC's (inlets, outlets, etc...), I won't be able to choose the internal boundary which is available in CFX-BUILD but not available in POST. So, which BC can I set to enable these internal surfaces for post-processing intentions?

Thanks in advance, cfd guy

Astrid October 5, 2002 16:04

Re: Internal surfaces for post-processor.
Hmmmm, sounds like a problem I face too. No USER2D in CFX-5......

The only way I know to view internal surfaces, is by defining sub domains. Then the boundaries of these sub domains are available for postprocessing. Unfortunately, all boundaries are being post-processed at once. I don't know how to select a single boundary of a sub domain.

If the internal surface you want to post-process is a rectangular, you can define the surface with 3 points and define its borders in for example z and y direction. Then you can calculate averages, mass flows and so on with the calculator.


Mike October 6, 2002 17:25

Re: Internal surfaces for post-processor.
If you can describe your suface with an expression, then create this expression in Post and create an isosurface at the required value. For example, r=sqrt(x^2 + y^2), then create an isosurface at r=1. Mike

Claudia November 19, 2002 15:52

Re: Internal surfaces for post-processor.
Hi! I'm a relative new user of CFX and I have the same problem in my simulation, I need an internal surface to plot results in CFX- Post. Did you find how to do this finally? Thanks,


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