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David George October 7, 2002 05:03

Hello CFX users! Could anyone please give me some examples or explanation about source specifications in multiphase flow? There are no source specifications in Tutorial 15 and 16 in CFX 5.5.1. However, according to the governing equations sources are very common. I am really puzzled. Looking forward to your comments. Thanks.

Best regards David

Holidays October 7, 2002 09:20

Re: sources
If you transform one phase into another (mass source and sink will exist) for example... That is quite straighforward to implement in CFX-5 using cel and ub-domains.

David George October 7, 2002 23:28

Re: sources
Thanks. What does "ub-domains" and "cel" mean ? Does it mean "sub-domains"?

Regards David

David George October 7, 2002 23:30

Re: sources
Sorry, another question. How to generate mesh for a very long pipe with narrow diameter, for example, with 2 metres length and a 0.02 metres width?

Mike October 7, 2002 23:49

Re: sources
A Hex mesh would be best for this pipe. You can switch the meshing mode to Patran Meshing from the Preferences menu in CFX-Build to allow Hex meshing. Your support rep should be able to tell you more about using this feature. Mike

David George October 8, 2002 01:16

Re: sources
Thanks Mike. First I want to try Patran method.

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