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Luca October 15, 2002 06:22

NOx postprocessing with CFX-TASCflow 2.11
...I've a question for everyone uses CFX-TASCflow for combustion (I hope someone can reply me...). My problem is like this: I've set up a EDM multistep combustion model with 9 chemical species (so I used a multicomponent fluid mixture), and solved my problem, obtaining my final RSO file. Then I'd liked to add a post-processing session to calculate thermal NOx restarting from my RSO converged file.

I had to add 2 additional scalar with TASCBOB in 'Attribute' part: TFLUC and NO. Tascbob puts everytime these 2 scalars at the number 1 and 2, shifting all other pre-existent scalars of two position:if CO2 (for example) was the scalar number 1, after I added TFLUC and NO, he become number 3!!! This is a problem, because when I had to add the new initial values of these two new scalars overwriting the 'old' RSO, I noticed that the scalar fields in the RSO file WAS NOT CORRECTED (updated, shifting the indices of 2)!!! Infact the CO2 scalar field ('old' number 1) seems to be considered as the TFLUC scalar fields ('new' number 1), and so on for other scalars: tasctool seemed to read the fields of TFLUC and NO from the 'old' RSO, while it asked me for the values of fields of the 'new' last two scalars (before included in the 'old' RSO file). I didn't know how I can save the 'old' results manipulating the RSO file, and for doing the NOx postprocessing I had to restart defining TFLUC and NO from the beginning.

Someone had ever experienced that situation or knows some way to resolve my problem without restart the simulation from the beginning??? Thank you.Luca

Y.K. October 16, 2002 23:58

Re: NOx postprocessing with CFX-TASCflow 2.11
You may swap scalar fields values in tasctool. If you have 'old' CO2 values in TFLUC scalar try to do the following command:

calc co2_old = tfluc calc co2=co2_old

After swapping all EDM scalars you may initialize tfluc and no:

calc tfluc=0 calc no=0

With best regards, Y.K.

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