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Roy Chen October 16, 2002 03:10

average value in any plane
Hi~everyone i have a question about CFX see this pic(

i want to know the data of any plane for example: in X-Y plane,i want to know average temperature (not distribution) of each plane,along Z axle. so i can plot a XY average temperature vs Z graph

can someone tell me how to do it?

Best wishes Roy Chen

Astrid October 16, 2002 15:49

Re: average value in any plane
In CFX Post you can calculate the average temperature using the calculator. Just select the plane of interest and the value you want to know on that plane. You will find out that you can calculate a lot more than only the average value.


Neale October 21, 2002 10:06

Re: average value in any plane
If you only have a few planes then I would suggest just doing this by hand in CFX-Post. If you have many planes that you need to do this on then you should create a session file in CFX-Post for a single plane and the average, then go back and insert perl power syntax in the session file to create the other planes and averages that you need.


Roy October 22, 2002 07:50

Re: average value in any plane
Thank you very much for your help. I am a beginner of CFX-4. Would you please tell me what is "session file" and where I can find the description of session file. Thank you again for your help.

Neale October 22, 2002 15:24

Re: average value in any plane
Hi Roy,

You are using CFX-4. The answers that I gave you only apply to CFX-5. Perhaps there are some CFX-4 experts out there who can answer your question for you, or your support person (most likely the best approach).


cfd guy October 22, 2002 16:52

Re: average value in any plane
Hi Roy,
Analysing the picture I suspect that you want the average temperature only for a side of the wall. I also saw that you have only 1 block. So, go back to BUILD and create a customized wall (under Create Patch 2D, e.g. WALL_1) and use the IPREC utility under the USRTRN subroutine. Inside this subroutine you can calculate the average temperate over the whole face of a block.
Good luck, cfd guy

Astrid October 22, 2002 17:32

Re: average value in any plane
The CFX-4-dump file can be used in CFX-Post. Consequently, my previous posting and Neale's posting are still valid, provided you have CFX-Post.


windhair November 14, 2002 12:17

Re: average value in any plane
You can get it by setup a patch data output in OUTPUT option. It will be look like this


PATCH NAME 'wal11'

FILE NAME 'wall.dat'




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