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Drona October 17, 2002 05:25

Tip Clearance

I am trying to model tip clearance at the shroud in an axial water turbine using TASCflow. I have tried to use TurboGrid to create tip clearance. I have couple of questions:

1. The Tip Clearance in 3-D will be an annular cylinder(if I am using the right term here) which will be stationary in the MFR simulation. Will "stage interface" between rotating part(blade and the rest) and stationary part(the annular region) give reasonably good results?

2. But I think I can not apply stage interface between two regions in the same grid/solid - even though TurboGrid does create a grid region for tip clearance, but they are in the same grid. I mean to say if I do this, I get an error of common points in two frames of references.

I am sorry if I sound confusing but that's the best I can do.

Looking forward to hearing from someone.


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