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Nandu October 21, 2002 09:52

CFX-POST camera views

How do u change the camera view to be normal to an arbitrary plane you have created in CFX POST?

cheers nandu

cfd guy October 22, 2002 16:08

Re: CFX-POST camera views
I believe that you must change the camera view manually using the mouse. But if you find another way, please tell us.
Regards, cfd guy

Robin October 22, 2002 17:12

Re: CFX-POST camera views
Hi Nandu,

The following CCL defines the camera view. Open a command editor and enter this CCL with the pivot point and Rotation setting you want.

CAMERA:Camera 1
Option = Pivot Point and Rotation
Pivot Point = 5, 0.5, 0.5
Rotation = -90, 0, 0


P.S.: To see the CCL for a view, first save the view, then save the state to file and look for the view object in your state file (to make it even easier, save only the Camera object to the state file).

rmn_990 May 1, 2017 09:56

in the right bottom corner of the workspace you can see the refrence frame of your case data.
by clicking on each direction of that you can change the direction automatically.

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