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Roy October 26, 2002 12:55

a fortran problem in CFX
Hi all i am a CFX user. When i use the program of fortran in CFX, it occurs some problems......

Messages from CFX-4 Environment =============================== CFX-4 | Starting CFX-4.4 ... CFX-4 | Solver | runsolve4: Compiling user Fortran... CFX-4 | Solver | /CFX/CFX-4.4/bin/f77_w: f77: command not found CFX-4 | Solver | Compilation error in ../fort/usrbcs.f CFX-4 | Solver | runsolve4: An error occurred during compilation CFX-4 | Solver | runsolve4: Job completed CFX-4 | Solver | An output file was not produced CFX-4 | Solver | CFX-4 | Solver | Finished. CFX-4 | Solver |

who can tell me how can i do ? it's a setup problem?

Best wishes Roy Chen

Astrid October 27, 2002 07:46

Re: a fortran problem in CFX
In your fortran subroutine USRBCS.f a command is present that is not understood by the fortran compiler. Check your fortran code carefully for errors.


Matej October 29, 2002 08:15

Re: a fortran problem in CFX

I'd say that the CFX cannot find your compiler. as it says :'/CFX/CFX-4.4/bin/f77_w: f77: command not found'. so depending on the system you run it on, you should check if you can compile user subroutine with tutorial example and if you have proper f77 installation.


neil November 14, 2002 09:17

Re: a fortran problem in CFX
1.The version above Visual Fortran 6.0 is needed. 2.Uninstall your fortran compiler, reinstall it again.Take care of the enviroment variable.

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