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Cujo October 29, 2002 10:41

Fortran in CFX5?

We want to use our own combustion model in CFX5.5.1. We recently replaced CFX4 with CFX5. In CFX4 we used the user-subroutines USRDEN.F and USRSRC.F for including the combustion model into CFX4. Who knows how to convert these sub-routines to CFX5.5.1. Are there also USR*.F files available?


Holidays October 29, 2002 16:10

Re: Fortran in CFX5?
Similar capacities exist indeed, although some of it might be do-able via CEL. You might need to attend the Fortran course for CFX-5 and/or get some help from the CFX support since getting into the CFX-5 fortran needs some adjustment as it is quite different from CFX-4 (in its implementation). But it works very well. So check it out with your support crew.

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