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cujo November 1, 2002 10:44

Wall heat flux

I have a problem considering a cylinder with a moving piston, which compresses the Helium in the cylinder. I want to determine the heat flux out of the cylinder through the walls. To determine this heat flux, I use the area-averaged Wall Heat Flux for every boundary in my closed cylinder. Although I get good result for pressure and temperature (compared to measurements), the Wall Heat Flux, as a function of the piston position, gives very strange results (i.e. the profile is completely different and irrealistic). Does anyone have the same experiences when determining the Wall Heat Flux with CFX551?


Sharks November 2, 2002 15:44

Re: Wall heat flux

What are you setting for your Wall boundary condition ? A fixed temperature ? An external Heat Transfer Coefficient ? Also are you modeling radiation in your problem ?



cujo November 3, 2002 13:30

Re: Wall heat flux

Fixed Wall Temperature boundary condition, No radiation...


Fabian November 6, 2002 04:43

Re: Wall heat flux
You can calculate the wall heat flux in turbulent flows: QW=(TWALL-TCENTER)*DENSITY*SPECHT*UTAU/THETA with dimensionless Temperature (universal wall function) THETA=PRTURB/CAPPA*DLOG(CTHETA*YPLUS).

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