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David November 1, 2002 22:04

Advice for convergence problem
Hi, everybody. I am simulating a gas/liquid two-phase multicomponents flow with reactions in liquid phase. After 70 steps, the solver was terminated with overflow errors. Could anybody please give me some advice how to get a converged solution? Many thanks.


Mike November 1, 2002 22:56

Re: Advice for convergence problem
Need some more details really... If you look at the results before the solver overflows (maybe at the 60th iteration) what do they look like? Is there a particular location where it looks totally unrealistic (maybe you get huge velocities near an inlet?). What's the physics setup (which multiphase models, drag models), what type of flow is it (e.g dispersed gas in a continuous liquid?). Mike

David November 2, 2002 04:29

Re: Advice for convergence problem
Thanks a lot, Mike. Yes, the flow is a dispersed gas in a continuous liquid in a pipe. The inlet velocity is very slow, about 0.7cm/sec. I use Schiller Naumann Drag model.

Regards David

Mike November 2, 2002 14:26

Re: Advice for convergence problem
That is slow - what's the Reynolds Number? Could it be Laminar flow but you are applying a turbulence model? Mike

David November 3, 2002 04:00

Re: Advice for convergence problem
Good suggestion, I'll try. Thanks Mike.


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