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Nandu November 3, 2002 08:29

airfoil coordinates entry

how does one enter airfoil corodinate data into cfx-build without having to enter each point in manually and generating a spline to fit the points?

this is getting cumbersone as the coordinate point list for the airfoils are over 100 points!

regards nandu

Robin November 4, 2002 22:32

Re: airfoil coordinates entry
Hi Nandu,

Load your points into a spreadsheet and add a [ and ] to either end of each point coordinate, then write it out to a file. Open this file in a text editor, select all the points and paste them into the point list box in the create point XYZ form.

Regards, Robin

Neale November 5, 2002 21:03

Re: airfoil coordinates entry
Well, except that you also need to "CFX-Buildize" the points first. i.e., make sure they have square brackets around each separate point.


Robin November 6, 2002 17:56

Re: airfoil coordinates entry
That is exactly what I said.

Suspicious November 7, 2002 04:39

Re: airfoil coordinates entry
Now now boys ....

Neale November 7, 2002 10:51

Re: airfoil coordinates entry
I guess I should have read the post more carefully. Duh.

Bob December 9, 2002 14:09

Re: airfoil coordinates entry
Neale / Robin could you also do this using the PCL language to load the points automatically ? Bob

Robin December 10, 2002 10:23

Re: airfoil coordinates entry
Yes. There are PCL routines for file I/O.


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