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David November 4, 2002 12:05

File type of outfile
Hello everybody, I opened my outfile in wordpad, now all outfiles in my computer have been automatically transfered to wordpad, now my solver doesn't work. So could anyone please what I should do? What's the original type of outfile, so I can change it back. Thanks.


Holidays November 4, 2002 14:00

Re: File type of outfile
(I guess you are talking about the oputput file (ascii))

This is not related as far as I can see! On your PC use "Open with..." and chose the text file tool you like.

rambol November 4, 2002 20:49

Re: File type of outfile
The type of outfile will not influence the solver.I also open it with wordpad. there maybe exist other reasons

David November 4, 2002 23:34

Re: File type of outfile
Thanks. This morning I tried again with only water in my geometry, I got a converged solution, and I found the outfile is still in wordpat format. However when I tried again with my two phase flow, the solver didn't work again. Should I reinstall CFX again?

Regards David

David November 5, 2002 00:28

Re: File type of outfile
Thans. This morning I deleted all outfiles, then I run only with water in my geometry. I got a converged solution. I found the outfile is still in the format of wordpad. After this, I tried my two phase flow, the solver didn't work again. Then I delete the outfiles once more, and tried the two phase flow one more time. Now it works again. So it should be related to the format of outfile. I am afraid even if I reinstall CFX again, the outfiles will be automatically changed to wordpat. So I want to return the format of outfile to its original form. But I don't know how to do it. Could you please check your outfile format? Thanks.


Astrid November 5, 2002 17:06

Re: File type of outfile
Dear David,

I have all file with the extension *.out linked to notepad. Works all the time.... in WinNT and Win2000.


Drona November 6, 2002 05:37

Re: File type of outfile
Hi David,

When you want to open a file the Windows doesn't recognise, it asks you to specify what programme you want the file to open with. In that "Open with" dialogue box, there is an option at the bottom, "Always use this program to open these files". Probably you checked that box, and it always uses that program. You should uncheck that before opening the files.

And, yes, the out file format shouldn't affect the soluction though. Only the BC and solution files should be in correct format.



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