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Eva November 8, 2002 04:18

Heat transfer with SST

Im using the SST model in CFX 5.5 to predict heat transfer from an impinging jet on a cylinder. When Im using a grid with a y+ of 0-12 I get good result (compared to similar cases in the literature), but now I have refined the grid near the surface so I have a y+ of 0-1, then I dont get the same result. I get a very increased rate of heat transfer on a spot on the side of the cylinder that I believe should not be there. Does anyone else have the same or related problem?


Astrid November 11, 2002 19:01

Re: Heat transfer with SST
- Do you compare with measurements or simulations in literature?

- Which wall function do you use?

- What do you mean by 'the side of the cylinder'?

- Are you sure transient phenomena like vortex shedding do not occur? This will influence you heat transfer....


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