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Pascale Fonteijn November 20, 2002 06:21

Modeling a fan with a momentum source
Hi guys,

I would like to model the flow between two rooms induced by a fan. To reduce the complex geometry of the fan, I would like to use a momentum source. I could use a source term for only the normal velocity but then the rotational nature of the flow is completely ignored. Does any one have experience with implementing a momentum source that generates a rotational flow which is more or less comparable to the outflow of a fan...

Thank you all, Pascale.

Holidays November 20, 2002 11:57

Re: Modeling a fan with a momentum source
Set three momentum sources along the x and y and z directions. You could set them both as a fonction of your radius and angular location for more realism.

Pascale Fonteijn November 21, 2002 17:33

Re: Modeling a fan with a momentum source
Dear Holidays,

I already tried that option. I know how the desired velocities profiles look like but the translation to the momentum sources is difficult because the resulting velocities influence these sources. By trial and error you can get somewhere but I never get it right within 25%.


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