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swapnil November 20, 2002 18:15

Editing the command language file

I am using CFX 5.5.1 on windows NT machine. I want to edit the command language file (CCL). I used following command to generate the CCL file:

c:\temp>cfx5cmds -read -definition < polylin > -text < swapnil > where polylin is my def file and swapnil is name of the CCL file that will be created. temp is my working directory. I am getting following error "The syntax of the command is incorrect."

I have written the command as per mentioned in the manual. can anybody please tell me why i am getting this error message.

Thanks, Swapnil.

Astrid November 20, 2002 18:22

Re: Editing the command language file
I always use:

cfx5cmds -read -def <def-file> -text <text-file>

Hope this helps, Astrid

swapnil November 20, 2002 22:02

Re: Editing the command language file, New Error
Hi Astrid,

I used the following command. It's giving me the new error that the definition file (test.def in my case) does not exist. I double checked that test.def is present in my working directory i.e. temp. What do you think could be the reason behind this?

Thanks, swapnil


c:\temp>cfx5cmds -read -def test -text swapnil

ERROR MESSAGE: An error has occurred in cfx5cmds: The specified CFX-5 Definition File test does not exist.

swapnil November 20, 2002 22:13

CEL file,Got the answer
Hi Astrid,

Previously I didn't enter the file name as test.def ( i enterd only test). That's why i was getting the error. Now it's working ok.

Thanks for the help.


Astrid November 21, 2002 17:22

Re: Editing the command language file
Hmmm. I see that the message I posted is not represented correctly. Text between '<' and '>' is lost somehow. What I meant to write was:

cfx5cmds -read -def test.def -text text.txt

But you have found the answer already. I am glad it helped somehow.


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