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taskflow user November 21, 2002 08:21

TaskFlow animation
Hi All, If streaklines change with respect to time (transient). How to do the streakball animation? My ultimate objective is to project development of flow with respect to time how u do it, doesn't matter. In steady state streakball method is excellent. Help expected. Thanks,

cfd guy November 21, 2002 16:19

Re: TaskFlow animation
Actually, I think, you cannot perform a transient simulation of streaklines since they'll change along time, unless you've reached the steady state. I became interested in your case 'cause I've encountered similar problem in other post-processors. Well, I'll show a simple example:
1) Make your streakline with balls (or tubes), change the "Termination" from Distance to Time and then set 0. (or any initial value). Inside the "ball" box, also change Unit to Time. Click Apply. 2) Go to Tools menu and call the Animation Manager. Click on Modify with the Keyframe_0 highlighted. Don't close this window. 3) Now, switch the time value from 0. to any value (e.g. 100) and click Apply. You'll notice a lot of balls in your model, if you don't see any balls you must play with the Spacing and Offset values. 4) Go to Animation Manager panel put the desired number of keyframes (e.g. 200) and click on New. 5) Now click on Play and see the animation. The timestep in your animation will be the final time per number of key frames (e.g. 100 / 200 = 0.5)
Remember to play with the values. I've tested this procedure on a simple geometry and the final animation didn't look how I really wanted but it might be different in your case.
Hope this helps, cfd guy

sheetal November 22, 2002 08:45

Re: TaskFlow animation
Thanks CFD_guy I will definately give you the feedback once it is completed. Sheetal

sheetal November 25, 2002 01:26

Re: TaskFlow animation
Hi, It worked well with my case. In my case there was rotating mesh also. While creating last frame one has to give the last trn file for results. The number of frames should be equal to the number of trn files created in the desired time (here 100). e.g if you perform 50 time steps in one rotation of the rotor and 50 trn files are created, the number of time frames will be 50 and time will be 0 to time required to complete one rotation (here 100) of the rotor.

Thanks a lot.


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