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Swapnil November 25, 2002 19:32

Fortran77 or Fortran 90
Hi all,

1) Does CFX support Fortran 90 and if yes please mention the name of the Fortran 90 compiler?

2)What changes one has to make in the template fortran file provided by CFX ( i guess it's written in fortran 77)

3) What changes one has to make in the cfx5mkext.ccl so as to use Fortran 90



P.S I am a C language user. CFX is forcing me to learn Fortran.

Michael Schwinne November 26, 2002 06:32

Re: Fortran77 or Fortran 90

I am using CFX-5.5.1. AEA recommends the use of Fortran77, but you can also use Fortran90. We use the Portland Group Compiler. I had to change the .h-files attached to CFX (MMS.h cfx5ext.h), as annotation starts with "!" instead of "C" in F90. There are no changes required in the ccl-file.


Robin November 26, 2002 16:16

Re: Fortran77 or Fortran 90
Hi Swapnil,

Actually, you can write your user functions in any language you choose, C, C++, Fortran, etc. The only difference is that the Memory Management System (MMS) is only available to Fortran code, thus Fortran is the language of choice.


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