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nandu November 28, 2002 02:18

CFX post to Tecplot

is how do you export data from cfx post or for that matetr from cfx format to a format tecplot can use?

regards nandu

Neale November 28, 2002 13:16

Re: CFX post to Tecplot
I just browsed around the amtec website. Looks like TecPlot v9.2 can read CGNS. So, just use solution export in the solver manager and write the solution to a CGNS file.

Sounds like your only other option is to output comma or space delimited data from CFX-Post. It says Tecplot can read that as well.


Bob December 4, 2002 09:27

Re: CFX post to Tecplot
Use the CGNS output opetion from the solve manager. We have done this for a few sets of results and plotted them in Tecplot. Another option is to export from CFX solver manager as a Fieldview format and then use the Tecplot Field view loader. Bob

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