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Claudia November 28, 2002 12:12

Polyline Data Format CFX5
Hi everybody!! Im trying to create a polyline data format, I just wrote the location of the points (x,y,z) in a txt format , but then in the post (Im working with CFX-5.5.1) when I call the archive appears the following error message:

ERROR Non ASCII file: 'd:/usuarios/tesis_claudia/Pruebas/Linea4.txt'.

Somebody has an idea of what is happening? Thanks

Astrid November 28, 2002 19:22

Re: Polyline Data Format CFX5
- Your file has to start with a number that tells CFX-Post how many point are specified in the .txt-file.

- Are you sure it is a txt file? Can you read it with Notepad (in case you use Windows)?


Claudia November 29, 2002 08:04

Re: Polyline Data Format CFX5
Thanks Astrid! I didn't know that the file has to start with the number of points, this must be the problem. I'm sure it is a txt.file, I can read it in my notepad. Thanks a lot

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