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line December 9, 2002 00:52

PCO simulation

Can you give me some suggestion to simulate the PCO process. PCO stand for Photo-Catalytic Oxidation.

I want to use the TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) with UV lamp to treat the VOC. Did CFX have some kind of predefined chemical reaction to handle this problem? If not, is there an alternate method exist?

Thanks Jim

Holidays December 9, 2002 03:14

Re: PCO simulation
If you know the reactions you can code them using the REACTIONS file as an example.

To define the UV effects I guess you could define geographically (in space) the effect (luminosity?) it has and therefore define the impact it has on your reaction rate (which you could define or tame via an expression function of luminosity in the Expression editor). I have seen a paper in CFX Update relating to the UV treatment of water but I think it was more a matter of UV intensity in water than driving a chemical reaction per se; yet the principle is there.

If you do not know the reactions, you could always drive the transfer process via source/sink terms; but I would tend to prefer the first approach if I could.

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