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Christian December 10, 2002 17:19


Are there any one how have try to use or implement condensation of mointure in the air from one phase to another(water) in either CFX 4 or CFX 5 ?

If so how is this done ? Any examples ?




Holidays December 11, 2002 09:07

Re: Condensation

It has been done in both codes (not by me!). For CFX-4 check this out with CFX support because I have no details.

In CFX-5 you can manage your mass transfer via source and sink terms(The only thing I have so far is for evaporation however) . This should be generalised in the next release and since real gaz, cavitation are appearing in CFX-5 applications it should be even better.

Christian December 11, 2002 13:58

Re: Condensation

Simple question.

Would you be willing to share your implmentation of sources and sinks for evaporation ?

Thanks in advance



Holidays December 12, 2002 06:46

Re: Condensation
Evaporation Water to "Air" for example:

Set up an expression for the evaporation rate revap in kg m^-3 s^-1 en fonction de la temperature de l'eau par exemple Water at RTP.T which becomes a sink for the air and a source for the water. For exemple write a function based upon the temperature exponential around 373K to create a step function switching from 0 to 1 around that temperature smootly.

Then you must also withdraw the latent energy from the water with a sink in the form of: 2.28 [J kg^-1]*revap. Something along these lines should work well with CFX-5.5.1 solver. Look on the web for more details about such thermodynamics.

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