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Matt Mason December 12, 2002 14:31

New with CFX
Does anyone know if there are any books that might be helpful with learning how to use CFX?


Neale December 12, 2002 21:10

Re: New with CFX
Nope. Just your friendly support people and the CFX documentation.


Holidays December 13, 2002 03:30

Re: New with CFX
Most offices organize CFX courses very regularly with a genaral apprenticeship of the code first followed by advanced features that are specific to your activity if you wish to. Some of the offices run courses on general CFD and complex physics as well and how to implement this in the products. Ask the support team.

David December 13, 2002 09:32

Re: New with CFX
It would be helpful to go through all tutorials first if you haven't done that. The section of solver in the online document is very useful. After this try your model. Using CFX is like filling some forms. If you meet some problem, just press F1 on keyboard, then related hints will tell you what and how to do.

Regards David

Bob December 17, 2002 03:47

Re: New with CFX
Matt do you have much CFD experience ?? Whilst the CFX manuals help alot when using the code, they do assume that you understand the basic principals of CFD ?? If you are struggling then there are loads of good books that are out there to help with this. Bob

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