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Sascha Becker December 17, 2002 12:29

hello all.

I am looking for info on cfd modeling of condensation of steam.

Can you giev me some hints on institutions developing such models ?



Holidays December 17, 2002 15:12

Re: condensation
CFX has done such work in CFX-4 I am sure. it should be similar in 5. Look for threads with this keyword in. I answered a question not long ago.

Sascha Becker December 19, 2002 13:42

Re: condensation
I am an old CFX-4 pro and I know that it is NOT implemented in CFX-4. The only thing you produce with it is fog but not physical based condensation ! In CFX-5 it is also not implemeted yet but acc. to aea in development and implementation to 5.6 !

Bart Prast December 20, 2002 05:02

Re: condensation

Holidays December 21, 2002 08:48

Re: condensation
I too am an old CFX-4 user and it has been implemented in Harwell, believe me (check for Simon Lo papers). It is however very difficult and might not be relaesed to customers... heck with your support.

Holidays December 21, 2002 08:50

Re: condensation
Sorry I meant "Check with the support (typo)".

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