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Atit Koonsrisuk December 17, 2002 12:56

Can't see the line in Static Mixer problem.
Dear all, I am the newcomer of CFX. Now I am using CFX 5.5.1. My OS is Windows2000. After finishing the installation process, I follow the "Running the Example" section, in "Getting Started with CFX-5" of "Installing and Introduction to CFX-5" manual. The result is all right.

To practice using CFX, first, I follow the tutorial in "CFX-5 Tutorials". I follow the instruction in "Tutorial 1: Flow in a Stator Mixer" step by step. After following the step to create the first curve, in "Creating the Main Body", The result in output command is "$# 1 Curve Created: Curve 1". However I cannot see that curve. I tried to follow the succeeding steps, I also cannot see the second line. But it seems like CFX recognize that there is that curve.

I delete all files contain in the working folder, then restart my PC. Then try to do those steps. However I got the same result. I try to do many ways but the result is still the same.

However, today, I do the same step, and I get that curve this time. I do not know why. Then I am not sure if it will occur again or not.

Can anyone explain to me about this?

Thank you very much.


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