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Danney December 21, 2002 04:25

Large eddy simulation
I'm going to do numerical simulation with Les method. But I have few ideas with it. Where can I get some infomation about it or some prog code? THANKS!!!

Holidays December 21, 2002 08:46

Re: Large eddy simulation
Are you going to use/using CFX (it does have a Smagorinsky model)? If so the technical site cfx comunity should allow you to access some info (theory, advice and validation if I remember correctly). Talk to your support team for the details on how to access this information. The model has been tested agaisnt classical cases and used for accoustics problem as well for example.

General CFD books such as that of Ferziger and Peric (1995?) also contain sections of LES and mention Smagorinski contact type of model as well as dynamic models sur as that of Germano et al. (1990). More specifically the turbulence course of Gatski e al. (1994?) should also have a chapter on the topic. The internet also has lots of info (check on google for example; you'll find papers in pdf formats available on-line). Finally the Journal of Turbulence (JoT) has its most recent papers availble for consultation on-line and they often deal with DNS and LES. This hould provide šore advanced material for you.

J.T. March 6, 2003 21:47

Re: Large eddy simulation
How do you like CFX so far? Any weakness? I need to pick the software to run a complicated geometry for commercial business. Thanks!

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