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line December 27, 2002 03:10

particle trajectory

I have the CFX simulated steady wind field in a tube. And would like to have some particle trajectory plot based on this steady wind field.

Is CFX Post is capable to do that? I have produce a very nice picture for streamline but cannot find the option for particle trajectory.

Should I dump out the result and write my own code to do that?

Thanks Jim

Danney December 31, 2002 01:19

Re: particle trajectory
choose the option "track file", and then choose the *.trk file as the track file.

Bob January 2, 2003 09:21

Re: particle trajectory
Jim, are you using CFX5 of CFX4 ? at present there is no capability in CFX5.5.1 for particle tracking. CFX5.6 which the beta release should be out shortly will have particle tracking embedded into it. Version 4 of the software does include particle tracking, however I'm not sure if you can just run the particle tracking by itself (you should be able to but I'm not 100%), so you may need to do a restart on your existing run and start the particle tracking. The files that the particle tracking creates can then be read into post as a polyline. This can be tedious to read in so I'd reccomend setting up a little perl script session file to do this. Good luck Bob

line January 2, 2003 14:20

Re: particle trajectory

I am using CFX5.5. Thanks for your advice.


Bob January 3, 2003 09:16

Re: particle trajectory
Try talking with you support person at CFX, they will advise you as to you best next step ie wait for 5.6 or trying CFX4 ? Bob

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