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Atit Koonsrisuk January 2, 2003 03:25

No warning or error messages found.
Dear all, I use CFX-5.5.1. I am trying to simulate the 2D axisymmetric flow in chamber with chimney. For the sake of simplicity, I use the fluid domain that look like L-shape. The vertical part of L is about 200 meters height and 5 meters width. The base, or the horizontal part, is 122 meters long and 2 meters height. The L is 10 meters thickness. All processes in CFX-Build is OK, except in creating the mesh step. I choose Create, Surface Mesh, and I also check 'Display Mesh' on. When I click 'Apply' button, I get the 'Meshing Warning and Error Messages' dialogbox. It say 'No warning or error messages found." , and there is only the 'Close' button in this window. When I press 'Close', nothing happen after that, no mesh generated. I try to finish the remaining processes in CFX-Build, after I press the 'Apply' button to create the definition file, I get the same dialogbox with the same message. I do not know what happen, but I do not get the definition file. Do anyone have an idea what the problem is? Thank you very much.


Steve January 6, 2003 10:43

Re: No warning or error messages found.
I have received the same message when trying to create a mesh or definition file in CFX5.5.1 on a Sun. Each time it is due to a lack of virtual and physical memory for the mesher to run, this is usually caused by having too many programs running. Closing the programs and running the mesher again, has always worked for me.

Hope This Works

Atit January 6, 2003 14:34

Re: No warning or error messages found.
I have tried as you suggest, the result still retain. Do you have other idea? For your information, I can follow all tutorial in CFX manual without any problem like this. Thank you very much.


Bob January 8, 2003 09:59

Re: No warning or error messages found.
Is your Brep ok ?? I assume you have a single Brep ? I've come across problems where there have been 2Brep Solids that have not joined correctly and do not have a common face. This results in overlapping mesh at the interface. Sometimes the reason for the problem is not displayed in the mesh error message. Try verifying the mesh on the faces of your Brep. See if that gives you any problems. Also look at the command line window in at the bottom of your Build screen. Some times this will indicate in the PCL text what the problem is. This can be a very helpful tool, check back to see if there are any problems. Any thing that may look Bad. (one such error is a PCL (bad array subscript). Any way have a look, it may help. If not, speak with Support at CFX, they are very helpful. Bob

Atit Koonsrisuk January 9, 2003 03:41

Re: No warning or error messages found.
Dear Bob,

Thank you very much for your kind suggestion. First I am the newcomer of CFX, I do not understand exactly all of your suggestions. For example, I have not learned about PCL yet. Second I do not have B-rep. I have only one solid object. I am not sure if it come from the high aspect ratio of that solid. It is the large L-shape, with a very thin thickness. Anyway I will try to understand all of your suggestions.

Best regards,

Atit Koonsrisuk

Bob January 14, 2003 12:06

Re: No warning or error messages found.
Atit, PCL or Patran Command Language is a programeable language within CFX build (patran). The GUI activates the commands and when you run the mesher surface, or volume, commands appear in the window at the bottom of your build window. These commands can be viewed and sometimes can enable you to track down a problem that may be occuring within your model. So how come you have only a single solid that is an L - shape ?? do you not need 2 solids to create this shape ? Bob

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