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cfx4.3 user January 2, 2003 05:59

CFX4.3 Build problem
Happy new year

I am using CFX4.3. I create a model using multi block approach and run the solver suceessfully. But when I post process it using analyse, I saw walls inside my flow domain (I did not define walls inside the domain). What should I do to eliminate this walls? I was thinking in CFX 4.3 internal walls would be merge together.

Have a nice day

CFX 4.3 user

Jan Rusås January 2, 2003 07:02

Re: CFX4.3 Build problem
Is it walls or just block boundaries. Try to make a plot in analyse where you select walls. Check in build if there is only one point at each corner to surrounding blocks, if there are more - then you have a wall, and it could help to adjust the tolerance.

cfx4.3 user January 2, 2003 07:17

Re: CFX4.3 Build problem
Thans Jan for your suggestion

I made the blocks by extruding from surfaces, thus there is no gap between block boundaries. I also look the geometry file. The walls that are observed in the Analyse did not appeare on the geo. file. I think this walls are created during the run. I just could not trace it.

Have a nice day

CFX user

Jan Rusås January 2, 2003 08:22

Re: CFX4.3 Build problem
Not much help though:)) Can't imagine how it should be created during the run! only if you have specified it in the command file. How does it look in analyse? is it physical walls or block boundaries. Are you running it as cylindrical coordinates? Jan

John January 2, 2003 15:18

Re: CFX4.3 Build problem
Walls as you describe can occur when the geo file is created, if the program thinks there is space between adjacent blocks. If this is the case, you must rebuild the geometry.

This problem frequently occurs when the geometry tolerance is set too low. As a time saver, try increases tolerance setting in the session file and using it to rebuild the geometry. The tolerance is set on the db_set_pref line. The tolerance value is usually a small number like 0.001

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