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rotlin January 4, 2003 08:21

A rotating solid domain in CFX551?
I'm trying to build a rotating solid domain, how can I do this? is it possible in CFX551?

I tried to build all in one mesh group, but I could not define the rotating part.

I tried to build two "mesh only" dbs, one for the rotating solid, one for the fluid. Then I built a mesh import db and defined a sub-solid domain, but when I tried to write the def file, a message "there are no fluid regions" popped up. If I delete the subdomain, then it's OK without a solid defined.

Could anyone help me to solve this problem or give me some suggestions? Thanks!

If it's not possible in CFX551, would it be implemented in 5.6? (if anyone knows.)

Neale January 6, 2003 20:52

Re: A rotating solid domain in CFX551?
What are you actually trying to do here:

1) Have a solid domain actually rotating along with a rotating fluid domain (attached to it) eg: a CHT blade inside a rotating reference frame.

2) A rotating solid domain which is attached to a stationary fluid domain and you want to model the effects of the rotating solid on the surrounding fluid including heat transfer to the CHT solid?

The modelling and setup approach is only slightly different for the two cases.

In both cases:

1) Import a grid with two 3D regions. 2) One 3D region is your fluid domain 3) The other 3D region is your solid (CHT) sub-domain

For case 1:

1) Define your fluid domain as a rotating reference frame and you are finished. 2) Define your CHT solid domain.

For case 2:

1) Define your fluid domain as stationary. 2) Define your CHT solid domain 3) Define the fluid side of your CHT domain interface to be moving at the specified velocity (you will have to use CEL expressions for the wall velocity to get it rotating).


rotlin January 7, 2003 06:59

Re: A rotating solid domain in CFX551?
Mine is the 2nd case. I will try what you suggested. Thank you so much!

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