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sxf January 13, 2003 12:46

mesh quality
Does anybody have some idea of how to check the mesh quality for CFX. Thanks in advance.


John K January 13, 2003 15:23

Re: mesh quality
There a number of options in CFX-Post such as edge length ratio, volume ratio, face angle etc.

boji January 15, 2003 20:24

Element Volume Ratio
I found the range of Element Volume Ratio of my mesh is between 1 to 40, and in a certain Plane, the area EVR>5 is up to 30%. Connectivity Number is between 2 and 64. (I also found in example 2, staticmixer_finemesh, has a similar situation. While according to "tool_menu.pdf" in manual, page 140, EVR higher than 5 may cause problem. I was confused.)

Sometimes I experienced problems with the flow field and convergence, is it a possible reason? How do you think the importance of EVR, CN and other mesh parameters? How can I improve this?

Waiting for your suggestions and opnions.

boji January 17, 2003 18:25

Re: Element Volume Ratio
can anyone give me some hints here?

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