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henry January 15, 2003 02:46

CFX5 to tascflow ...

Is there a way to take a CFX5 .res file ( solved with a structured grid ) into Tascflow solver.

Please let me know If anyone has done it ?

Thanks for your Time.


Robin January 15, 2003 15:59

Re: CFX5 to tascflow ...
Hi Henry,

Generally the import is in the other direction, thus CFX-5 can directly import CFX-TASCflow grids. Although CFX-TASCflow cannot directly import a CFX-5 grid, you could export the grid to a neutral format, such as a Patran Neutral File, then import this grid into CFX-TASCflow using the Mesh > Import Grid... function on the launcher.

Of course, the grid must only comprise of Hex cells, as CFX-TASCflow is a structured solver. The importer will create the block structure as required.

Regards, Robin

henry January 16, 2003 02:00

Re: CFX5 to tascflow ...
Hi Robin,

I want to take the results file inside Tascflow with the results in it, Is it possible by using the emport option in CFX5 to do this.


Robin January 16, 2003 21:17

Re: CFX5 to tascflow ...

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