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sudar January 19, 2003 11:43

averaging parameter in Tascflow
Hi While applying the LES model in TASCflow, for getting the averaged results, we can use certain averaging parameters like AVE_LEVEL. The help of tascflow documentation is.. If AVE_LEVEL=1, 2 or 3, the velocity components AVE_U, AVE_V and AVE_W are written to the RSO file.

If AVE_LEVEL=2 or 3, the square of the velocity components AVE_UU, AVE_VV, AVE_WW, AVR_UV, AVE_UW and AVE_VW are written to the RSO file in addition to the velocity components.

If AVE_LEVEL=3, the turbulent viscosity AVE_VISCT is also written to the RSO file.

The other parameters used are AVE_BEGIN, AVE_END and AVE_DELTA

But when I am using this parameter, the solver says that this parameter is unused with a warning

WARNING: One or more parameter file variables were never used.

They may be incorrectly spelled, or invalid for the 3-D flow code.

The following unused parameters were found:


Although it writes the values of the various averaged quantities,but values for all the parameters are zero. Can somebody give a clue. thanks in advance

cfd guy January 20, 2003 12:06

Re: averaging parameter in Tascflow
I'm not familiar with those parameters you have commented, however in TASCflow, some parameters are only valid if you set what I should call a main parameter, otherwise you'll get warnings. Suppose that you want to plot the Pressure results in every timestep for your simulation. You'll set in your PRM file
TRNP = t
But, if you don't set

also, you'll get a warning about the unused TRNP parameter.

Hope this helps. Regards, cfd guy

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