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Astrid January 19, 2003 17:41

Mesh adaption
Hi all,

1) Does anyone know how to change the mesh adaption parameters outside Build?

2) I have imported a hex mesh and a tet-prism-mesh into CFX Build 5.5.1. I have connected them with a GGI. Now mesh adaption seems not available anymore. Does anyone know a workaround?


Robin January 20, 2003 15:13

Re: Mesh adaption
Hi Astrid,

1) You will not be able to set adaption parameters in CCL until version 5.6.

2) Mesh adaptation is currently limited to single domain problems (i.e. no adaptation with GGI). If they can be run separately (such as with a rotor - stator combination), you could run each part with adaption then combine the adapted meshes.

Regards, Robin

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