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Adrian Mawdsley February 10, 2003 11:49

Inflation parameters
I have set an inflation boundary for my geometry, but when I set the inflation parameters and try to write the definition file I get this error message :-

Volume mesh warning: The surface mesh overlaps itself

Does anybody have any ideas?



Bart Prast February 11, 2003 05:46

Re: Inflation parameters
Probably a bad IGES file (if you use one) or a too coarse grid, I would say.

Bob February 11, 2003 09:13

Re: Inflation parameters
It could be that your inflation causes the msh to over lap. eg say we have a 1m^2 duct with an inflation layer of 0.3m on all the walls of the duct, and a global edge length of 0.6m. You may get a problem, as the mesher needs to fit at least one cell between inflation layers. Does your model work without inflation ? Have a look at where the model fails, and look at the geometry in the area. Would the mesh be constricted by the geometry ? bob

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