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Polly February 11, 2003 03:51

Free convection flow over vertical flat plate
Hi all,

I'm simulating a free convection flow over vertical flat plate in 2 dimentional coordinate by using CFX program. And I have a problem in CFD which need some suggestion about boundary condition now.

My domain is air at 300 K. I perform a geometry as a rectangular that has one grid thick . One side ( vertical left side)of the regtangular is a hot plate, temperature = 323 K. I set boundary condition at the bottom side to inlet boundary by given an entrance velocity = 0.0 m/s and the top one to outlet boundary condition by specify reference static pressure to 0.0(reference pressure = 101325 Pa). And then set the symmetry plane at an opposite side of hot plate.

After solving process, the result is not resonable. Could anybody give me some suggestion about this please.

Thank you in advance. Polly

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