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Vincent February 11, 2003 07:41

Unigraphics -> CFX4 Build
I'm trying to import a geometry from Unigraphics (version 18) into CFX Build. First I export a parasolid from UG (test10.xmt_txt), thereby putting the version to 17 (I have read that only files from UG versions 17 and lower can be imported). Then I try to import this file into CFX-build, but get the following error:

'Unigraphics reports error opening file ./test10-ps0001.xmt_txt. Check partfile, path name, version number and run time enviroment variables and/or support files.'

So it look likes UG gives the error. Can it be a problem that UG and CFX4 are not running on the same computer. So I'm modelling in UG on a other computer than where CFX4 is running on. When I export a file from UG I copied it to the other computer. Can anybody help me out,

with thanks in advance, Vincent.

Glenn Horrocks February 11, 2003 17:04

Re: Unigraphics -> CFX4 Build
Hi Vincent,

Try exporting the parasolid from UG as a version 11 parasolid (I think that's right). The cryptic error message from Build is trying to say it can't understand the file as it is a different version.


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