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KG February 11, 2003 14:49

CFX and biomass
Hi guys,

Can CFX-5 or TASCflow solve biomass combustion problem in furnance. If yes how and were I can find articles about such cfd modelling and applied models with CFX.

Thanks in advice, KG

Holidays February 12, 2003 04:52

Re: CFX and biomass
May I ask what you imply by biomass: Do you mean burning solid material? If so, some work has been done I believe by the CFX team in the UK.

KG February 12, 2003 10:42

Re: CFX and biomass

Thank you Holidays for your applay. By biomass I mean solid combusting particles like pulverized coal or wood particles in furnance.

If such work is available online please write address where it can be found. I'm also interseted in defining such problem with CFX-5 software.

Thanks in advice, KG

Holidays February 12, 2003 12:58

Re: CFX and biomass
Hi KG,

As a default in CFX-5 you may have to wait for later on this year as CFX-5.6 will only have inert Lagrangian particles (at least in standard; it could be a Beta feature though). But you should speak to you sales guy. He might tell you more since UK guys might have done consultancy work on this already ...

In CFX-4.4 you have such models as default (coal combustion), so it would be worth you have a look at the CFX-4 notes if you can get hold of them.

Finally I also recommend you check the CFX web site and the cfxcommunity site in particular. If you are under maintenance contract you should be able to get an account and find lots of interesting material there.

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