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Steven March 3, 2003 06:56

Internal sources

I am trying to simulate an internal mass source (inlet), by defining an inlet on a solid. However I keep on encountering an error, saying that I have defined a wall between two fluid cells.

Does anyone know what this means ?


Robin March 4, 2003 20:05

Re: Internal sources
Hi Steven,

By internal mass source, do you mean it is surrounded by fluid? Inlets can only be specified on external boundaries.


Jan Rusaas March 5, 2003 05:01

Re: Internal sources
Is it a 3D solid or is it just a wall on a surface. I think it must be a 3D solid.

Steven March 5, 2003 11:07

Re: Internal sources
I am using using a 3D solid, to model building column. Attached to this column is a fresh air duct.This fresh air duct is supplied from another floor.

I specified a wall Patch (with a boundary condition ) on a 3D solid column to model the incoming flow.

However I find that I get error messages stating that I have defined a wall between two fluid cells.

Is this the wrong approach ? What is the best way to model this problem ?

Thanks Steven

Steven March 5, 2003 11:13

Re: Internal sources
Hi Robin

By internal source I mean I am trying to specify a inlet (wall patch)on a 3D solid within the computational domain.

However I keep on getting an error message stating I have defined a wall between two fluid cells ??

Thanks Steven

Robin March 5, 2003 18:18

Re: Internal sources
Did you specify the solid as a cut-out solid in your domains form?


Steven March 5, 2003 21:57

Re: Internal sources
No just one solid


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