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Jackie March 3, 2003 13:33

coordinate frame
Hi all,

In order to create a swirl in a flow. I like to put a radial momentum source on my cylinder subdomain. All goemetric solids are created in rectangular coordinate including this subdomain. Then I created a new cylindrical coordinate and choose it to be a reference coordinate of subdomain. But when I set the momentum source in the fluid source form, It's appear that the form still require a momentum value in x,y and z component. Do I have to create a geometric solids in cylindrical coordinate or not? Could anybody suggest me how to set a momentum source in cylindrical coordinate please.

Thank you all in advance.

Jackie -_-"

Sharks March 4, 2003 19:15

Re: coordinate frame
Hi Jackie

I'm assuming you're using CFX-5, and I think the following is true:

a) At present, all coordinate frames (even cylindrical ones) get treated as cartesian rectangular in the Solver, so defining and using a cylindrical frame in Build will not help.

b) A possible solution is to create a rectangular coordinate frame, and do the manual transformation from r and theta components to X and Y components. Tutorial 11 shows how to do this for a rotating wall velocity.



Jackie March 6, 2003 01:22

Re: coordinate frame
Thank you very much Sharks. ^_^


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