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centaur_ks March 3, 2003 14:29

ICEM CFD - Multiblock mesh
does anyone know how to marge blocks in ICEM CFD ? I generated my multiblock structured mesh and when i imported it into my solver i.e CFX-TASCflow i see each blocks seperately in my region manager.

I have 3 regions in my assembly so i have 3 different material zones. what i want to do is, marge all the blocks of each materials into one block so that in my solver i just see one block for each volume i.e material.

thanks in advance

Robin March 3, 2003 16:16

Re: ICEM CFD - Multiblock mesh
There are two ways to do this...

Before writing out your mesh from Hexa, check the "output blocks" box above the surface families list on the Display panel, this will reduce the blocks written out to the minimum number of blocks required. You can also do this manually by merging blocks in Hexa, but you will lose some control over the spacing.

Alternatively, you can run your mesh through TASCuts (choose Mesh>Import Grid from the launcher menubar). TASCu2s will throw away the old block structure and re-block the mesh as efficiently as possible. The returned mesh, written out as uts.grd will have the minimum number of blocks required for your grid. Reblocking through TASCuts is always a good idea, as a simpler block structure will translate to lower memory requirements.

As for your specific case, you will only be able to merge the blocks if they can combine into a single block topology. Also, TASCuts will reblock the entire grid and modify the regions to occupy the proper space, this does not mean that your regions will be contained in separate blocks.

Regards, Robin

Martin Bowers March 28, 2003 16:31

Re: ICEM CFD - Multiblock mesh
Depending on your version of ICEM there may be bugs with output blocks and correct assignment of at least 2D regions: I think your safest bet is to use TASCu2s only.

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