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Nick March 5, 2003 07:02

Point measurements
Dear all,

I am modelling transient combustion flows and need to have CFX monitor the predicted atmospheric temperature at various points within the domain throughout the transient run.

This effectively amounts, one hopes, to modelling the placement of thermocouples within the domain.

Is there any way of doing this without having to edit the CFX-5 CCL file using a text editor? I.e. can I do this from the Definition File Editor?

Any thoughts on this matter would be thankfully received.

Warm regards,


Bob March 5, 2003 09:43

Re: Point measurements
Hi Nick, Do you need the results from your monitor points during the simulation, or could you just extract them after the simulation has completed ? If the latter is what you need then that is a simple process to define points in Post and extract the data from the point for different time steps.

If you need the temperatures whilst the simulation is comencing, then what you need to do is define monitor points. The monitor points can be added to the CCL in 2 different ways, either by editing the CCL in a text editor, or by appending them to the definition file at run time using the -ccl filename.ccl command. This by the sounds of things would be what you would want to do.

Have a look on the CFX community web page for the correct syntax for generating monitor points. There is a recently generated technical tip generated on the 8th of jan covering this.

If you need to then extract the data from your monitor point then there is a command that is accessible to enable you to do this. Alas I've forgotten what that is, may be Robin could help with this one ?

Good luck Bob

Nick March 5, 2003 11:59

Re: Point measurements
Hi Bob, Thanks for the response.

I'm not sure what you mean by "do I need the results during the simulation?". The results aren't being referenced eleswhere, if that's what you mean. I simply need gas temperature values at various points in the domain, at each second say. So I guess I can just run the transient simulation and then extract the temperature measurements (at each second, at various points) after the run is complete?

That sounds dubious! I'm thinking the proper way of doing this would be to use the monitor points method - as indicated by the method on the technical tip from the 8th Jan (thanks for that) replacing pressure with gas tempertuare, or suchlike.

Any thoughts?


Bob March 7, 2003 14:35

Re: Point measurements
Hey Nick, both methods should work. What I ment by "do you need the results during the simulation" was that you may want to say stop the simulation once a certain temperature at a certain location was reached. You could do this with monitor points and manually stopping the simulation, for example.

Hope the reference to the tec tip helped


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