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Pascale Fonteijn March 5, 2003 15:40

Transient results
Hi all,

I have ran a transient case in three sessions, providing three result files and a three groups of .trn-files spread over three sub directories. Does any one know a way to make an animation from the three groups of .trn-files in CFX-Post?


Glenn Horrocks March 5, 2003 17:35

Re: Transient results
Hi Pascale

I assume you are doing it in CFX5. You can create animations which do whatever you want by using the session file. I regularly use session files to put the simulation time on an animation of a transient simulation.

Start by recording a short session which loads in the files and prints frames from various timesteps of the different sections of your simulation. Open the session file and it should not be to complicated - you should be able to modify the script to generate all the frames of the animation.

Once you have all the frames, you can use any of the millions of animation generators around to create the animation. If you don't already have one, do a web search and you will find plenty. You can also use the MPEG_encode routine (which is what CFX-Post uses - but be warned it's a little tricky to use) if you want MPEGs, but depending on what you want to show in your animation there may be better formats (eg GIF is good if you don't have too many colours and Quicktime is good too if you have an encoder for it).


Glenn Horrocks

cfd guy March 6, 2003 08:21

Re: Transient results
Yes, you can do as Mr. Horrocks said.
However, there is a way to do in POST. You should set your two keyframes (initial and final) from the first results file. This is the default procedure. Thus, you'll have your "n" frames set up. Create another keyframe (it will be the third), load your second results file and click on Modify at the animation panel. Pay attention with the camera viewer, because POST will automatically fit the view. Create your fourth keyframe with the last trn of the second results file. And so on.
Note that I had several problems regarding the camera. Try to play the animation and you'll see what I'm talking about. POST fits view when another results file is loaded. Therefore, you'll lose your customized camera. Try to play with the camera manager introducing extra keyframes in your animation.
Hope this helps, cfd guy

Eldoret May 13, 2003 09:46

Re: Impeller movement animation
Hi All,

I have modelled a mixing tank in CFX4.4, using tansient flow approach. My results look good. Now I want to give a presentation in a conference to a mixed audience, that might find the rigour of CFD boring.

Could some one tell me how I can show the audiense (I will have CFD on line) the animation of the movement of the inpeller blades in the Post process. I do not want to use power point to do this bit.

Thanks Eldoret

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