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J.T. March 6, 2003 22:07

Where to find comparisons of CFD FEM codes
Hi, all, There are so many commerical CFD FEM codes. Is any place I can find the comparisons between each codes? Or please advise me based on your experience. Thanks! I need to run a complicate geometry for air turbulent flow below 0.3 Mach. Thanks again!

Glenn Horrocks March 9, 2003 17:21

Re: Where to find comparisons of CFD FEM codes
Hi JT,

Firstly, both CFX 4 and 5 are finite difference codes, not finite element codes. If you are specifically looking for finite elements codes you won't find them on this discussion board.

Secondly, all the CFD code vendors I have spoken to have been happy to arrange a trial of their code so you can see for yourself whether their code is good for you. Give your local vendor a call and arrange a trial and find out for yourself.

As a final comment, you mention that you have a complicated geometry, with turbulent flow around Mach 0.3. That being the case, of the CFX codes, CFX5 is most suited to you as it is easier to use in complicated geometries (as it is an unstructured code). Also its uncoupled solver is likely to be a much more fast and robust solver than the normal uncoupled solvers.

But remember, nothing beats you doing it yourself on your own simulation - it's better than the general comments from some unknown person on the other side of the world any day.

Glenn Horrocks

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